Friday, September 24, 2010

Nightmare Before Christmas Wreath.

This Wreath I am calling the "Nightmare Before Christmas Wreath" BECAUSE it totally reminds me of something you would see on the Nightmare Before Christmas Show. M y Kids love that show! Anyways this wreath is also VERY easy and VERY cheap .

So - Lets start with ... A fuzzy striped scarf from the dollar store. Halloween Ribbon - from the dollar store. And last but not least... A wreath from the dollar store. Making your grand total --- $$ 3. Wow! awesome. I am not very good at tutorials ... so bear with me. Next step. There is a seam on the wreath. Cut it open. its may not look pretty but it will be covered up.
NEXT... Sew together your scarf so it looks like a tube (sorry no pic of this). Then take you TUBE SCARF and push it onto your it looks like THIS ...
MUAHAHA! Then Add ribbon. However much of little you like. AND then you are done!!
Enjoy your finished project. I did a purpley one. AND.......
A pinky stripety one.... MUHAHAHA!!! Dont these so remind you of the Nightmare Before Christmas?!? ENJOY. :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Mmmm....This is my new favorite candy. I am a big Mounds and Almond Joy fan...and these Coconut M&M's just taste sooo delicious! If you haven't tried them you totally should. Okay, so I admit it I'm kind of a chocolate addict. But how else do you get through those stressful moments during the day? Chocolate makes me feel all warm on fuzzy inside. :)
Yes - I do realize my posts are kind of strange and out of the ordinary. Oh well!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pumpkins and My cute Bug

This is Raimees favorite thing to do. She just LOVES it stand at the window sill and play with this toy zebra and tiger. It is sooo cute to watch her play. I just love this adorable little girl. She is just so happy and playful!
PuMpKiNs!! I made these fabric pumpkins as part of my FALL DECOR. Oooohhh! Cute - huh? I thought so...but then again I did make them :). My original plans for this material included pillows - which I did make. I made 8 fall pillows for my couches. I had extra material and decided to make these pumpkins. I love fall!! I love pumpkins!! My favorite is the skinny tall one with the flower. Brads favorite is the short brown one with the button ribbon. WHICH ONE IS YOUR FAVORITE?!?!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where were you?

I was 15 years old. A sophmore in high school. My friend Brian was actually driving then, we had a routine of going to seminary together and then off to school. Sophmores then couldn't get permits to park on campus. My gramma and grampa live right next to the school so we would always just park at their house and then just walk to school from there. That morning we had been let out of seminary a little early so I had some time before I needed to be in school. I stopped into my grandparents house to say hello. They always watch the news in the morning so naturally the "disaster" was on their television. BUT me being a naive little 15 year old stuck in my world of high school and boys just looked at the t.v. and though "huh...wonder why they are demolishing those big nice buildings." i grabbed some food and moved on to school not thinking much about anything. *
*I know seriously looking back on it - how stupid was I?!?**
Anyways...I got to school and noticed an unusual amount of chatter. I even remember someone coming up to me and asking "did you hear about the world trade center?" and I was like "uhh...sure?!?" trying to be smart...but I wasn't. STILL not thinking much about it I went on to 1st period. I dont remember what class it was..but we resumed class as normal. Then between 1st and 2nd period we had this sort of "breakfast break" instead of just giving us 5 minutes between classes we had a 15 minute break to grab breakfast. I followed my usual routine of grabbing a bagel and cream cheese. Then I noticed it. The crazy chatter, the crying, and then over the school speaker system came a radio broadcast of "The Event".
Then seriously all of a sudden I totally had one of those movie flashbacks. Rewinding in my head my morning. The images that I saw on t.v. came flooding back....
I was in NO mood to eat my bagel then. I headed to one of my favorite teachers rooms and demanded of him to know what was REALLY going on. He simply pointed me to the television and told me to sit down and watch.
I spent 2nd and 3rd period just sitting in his classroom watching.
Then lunch period rolled around and I went to sit with friends.
I was scared and sad and wasn't quite sure what to say or do. I felt like such a moron because it took me soooo long to actually figure out what had happened that morning.
I really dont remember much of the rest of the day...I think it all just kind of passed by like a blur. My mind was in one big fog.

Today on September 11th 2010. I spent my morning sitting around with my kids watching cartoons. I remember the sadness of that day...and I also remember the unity. No one had an unkind word to say, everyone felt the need to band together as fellow Americans.

Some people ask why God would let something like that happen...if he has ultimate power why not stop the killing of so many people.

Sometimes the Lord has to force people to their knees. Just like in The Book of Mormon times with the Nephites...they would prosper and forget the Lord their God and then something terrible would happen and THEN they would remember their Lord.

I'm not saying that the ONLY reason that 9/11 happened was because our Heavenly Father was trying to get us to Remember Him. ...but I think that's PART of it.

This day will forever live in history. Do you remember where you were?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

pizza. kids LOVE pizza and i found this *(just in case you didn't know click on the word this to be brought to the recipe)* recipe from Little Birdie Secrets . i LOVE the blog and LOVE the recipe. Its wonderful! so i hope you like it too.
Oh! and also on Little Birdie Secrets --
if you add this *(again click on the word this)* to the pizza dough it makes it a little extra yummy. ENJOY!