Monday, February 14, 2011

Peytons Quilt

So – I never got around to posting the quilt i made peyton for his birthday. Well, here it is! Its made of 8 different fabrics. Its funky and crazy and cuddly .. Just like my Peyton. :)

This was my first quilt…so its no where near perfect. But I did have lots of fun making it.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

This year…

So… I am not a big one on New Years Resolutions. For One I like to take the Whole month of January to look at my life and think about what I want to do different this year. For Two I am terrible at keeping a resolution. I don’t think I have ever kept one. :)

Anyways – this past month I had been thinking about something that I wanted to do this year… and after much consideration my “GOAL” my something-I-want-to-do-this-year-and-didnt-do-last-year THING…IS… Can you guess by the picture?


Thats right! Gardening! I totally want to plant a garden and maintain it…also maintaining my yard and making it a better play place for the kids would be wonderful too. We have got a pretty good area out back for gardening. We have got 2 raised garden beds. I kinda want to plant veggies and flowers…maybe flowers out front and veggies in the garden beds…or both in the garden beds. I’m not sure but i will work it all out. I am going to research and study and have yummy homegrown veggies this year! Wooooo!

So- its a little early this month to start planting … so this month i am going to work on “planning”. I want to have it all planned out on which veggies I’m going to grow…where I want them..that kind of stuff. It’s going to be GRRREAT!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

My silly secret life


Okay. so call it pathetic, or silly or Whatever…BUT at the end of the day when my husband comes home, dinner is all over with, the house is clean, and my wonderful husband is taking care of the kids I like to snuggle in bed and watch a “show”. I subscribe to Netflix so usually every month I have a different series I like to watch. This month I have totally been hooked on “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”.

I know…

But still I’ve found it funny and interesting and I’m now on volume 4 and totally caught up in all of their silly dramas. I guess it’s my way relaxing… so yeah … just thought ya’ll wanted to know … Just a silly little secret of mine.


By the way. Can’t wait to get my next disc in the mail! Woo!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hello Again.

So… I haven’t posted anything on this blog in what seems like centuries. My excuse… – My internet has completely sucked lately. I try to upload pictures, post a blog, and half the time it takes like 30 –40 minutes to do ANYTHING .. then the other half it disconnects before I am able to do anything. Joy.

BUT! – I have discovered Windows Live Writer. And now it takes but maybe a minute or two .. cool . So hopefully I will be posting some of my latest adventures here.

Anyways – This is a cool project that I made the kids for New Years.


Monster hats… for my 3 little monsters. :)

They work good as party hats also work good as just plain playing hats. The kids wear these and pretend they are monsters. Cute! Its fun! AND it only took me 45 min. to make all 3.

Materials used: Felt, Big Googley Eyes, Ribbon, Glue.

How? I traced a party hat on felt, cut it out, then sew it up. Then sew ribbon onto the sides. – after that I flattened it out and glued on monster faces.

Well – I’ll be back soon…. Hopefully :) Have a great day!!!