Saturday, July 31, 2010

Okay - awesome and totally easy project.

*Reversible Beanie Hat.
- Made with Jersey Knits
**awesome for beach and windy weather..when you don't want your head to be too warm.

So -- Items used : Sewing machine
Jersey Material (on sale
@Joannes-Score!) you need
two different materials.
Old Beanie Hat for measurements
Follow the Steps: (sorry no pictures)
1. its simple trace old hat. 2. Sew together. 3. Enjoy.

MUAHAHAH! Don't you just love my instructions?
Well - I sure do.
Really it is that simple.

Sorry if you were expecting more of an explanation...I'm better at just showing off what I made.

Not so good at the Tutorial thing.

So -- VOILA! Look what i made.

Two different and very cute patterns in ONE hat.

That is right people on extremely cute and stretchy hat.

BTW - I made one for everyone in the family....except the boys got a cool pirate pattern - which I do not have any pictures of right now that I think of it.

More pictures to come.

Look at that cute girly enjoying her hat.

Well -- Ciao!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Knight and Day

I FINALLY got to see this movie yesterday. I wasn't able to make it to the "regular" theater...but I did get to go to the dollar movies (which is actually $1.50). I really liked it! I thought it was full of adventure and excitement and a very sexy romance between tom and cameron...of course it did have its flaws but overall I was entertained. I've got to say that even though tom cruise is getting up there in age I still think he so handsome and sexy...seriously this movie shows him at a good angle.
I've always thought being an FBI agent (which is what he is) would be loads of fun. But I think the drama of an agent on the screen isn't as exciting in real life...maybe it is...but i would have to say most likely not.
Anyways that's my latest jibberish for the day.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Something sad happened today. I was unpacking some boxes and found a broken frame - the glass had shattered. I was momentarily sad...and then I thought of something wonderful to do with that broken frame! and....drum roll please...


A framed bow holder. I have been meaning to make one foreverIt was easy and simple - took all of 10 minutes - and it was free! Woo! Just need a Frame, Ribbon, Hot Glue gun (or some type of glue), and scissors for cutting.
Oh and By The Way --- Those beautiful flowers you see on there are something I just came up with the other day. Lovein' them.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bumper Stickers

When you're out driving do you ever notice peoples bumper stickers? Well - the other day I was out driving around and I saw this bumper sticker that said "You can't rid the world of sorrows but you can choose to live in joy." For some reason that phrase got me thinking how true it was. There are all sorts of bad things that happen each day for no reason, parents loose children, people die, get sick, someone goes hungry...and the list goes on and on with out end. With so many "sorrows" in this world wheres the happiness??
In my opinion you have to CHOOSE to be happy. I dont think happiness just comes your way automatically each day. I think you have to look for the joy in life. You have to pick out the little miracles that happen each day and decide for yourself that those things are miracles and then choose to be happy.
Its easy to sit around and think...I dont have this so I'm not happy...or This happened to me today that made angry. Its a lot easier to be miserable and a lot harder to be happy.
As Gandhi would say - "Be the Change that you want to see in the world."
Go and choose to be HAPPY!