Monday, October 4, 2010

OcToBeR LoVe

Do you love OCTOBER?!? I sure do. I LOVE halloween...I LOVE October. Seriously. Its one of the best months out of the whole year in my opinion. :)
I love the leaves changing color, I love the fall colors (orange particularly), I love the cool crisp air, I love seeing kids get all giddy and excited over a pumpkin and halloween decorations. I think I have passed my love for halloween and october on to my kids. It is probably their favorite of course LOVE decorating for halloween! Heres a little peek into our home and how we decorated for halloween. We don't have a big budget for decorations..I'm talking like if i spend $5 thats overspending. BUT we manage...we make things and buys stuff at the dollar store and have stuff we have collected from previous years.

1 comment:

  1. cute traci!! i love all of your decorations!! You are one creative cat! I love halloween too, i just kind of missed it this year.. :( But theres always next year! :)